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"Your Independent, Unbiased Ag Advisor"

Tomecek Agronomy Services is an independent crop consulting company that has been providing unbiased agronomic strategies to growers to help improve their economic performance and environmental sustainability, since 2001. We work with growers of processing tomatoes, sugar beets, corn, wheat, soybeans, cucurbits, peppers, peas, carrots and onions. Our scouting programs are built on Integrated Pest Management practices and scientifically-based recommendations.

In addition to our Scouting Programs, we offer Comprehensive Crop Planning, Soil Sampling, and Farm Data Management Services. Our Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) and 4R Nutrient Management Specialist (4RNMS) can also help you navigate the latest government funding programs and regulatory requirements.

We work with some of the leading producers in Chatham Kent and Essex, and have been steadily increasing the total acreage that we manage over the years. We attribute this to our clients’ strong desire to have an unbiased advisor present, one who remains up to date with best practices in the industry, and has a strong network of industry researchers and specialists to draw upon when needed.