Crop Consulting

We'll work with you as part of your team, answering your in-season questions, and helping you determine the best possible management strategies for your fields. We'll design a program customized to your needs, with the appropriate combination of scouting and consulting.  

We can assist you with all aspects of crop production, including; crop nutrition, pest management,  variety/hybrid selection and soil management. We'll provide you with scientifically backed solutions  you can use on your farm. From planting to harvest, we are at the ready to answer your questions, and help you reach your production goals. 

Crop Scouting

We can help you monitor your fields with regular Integrated Pest Management based scouting. We will  keep you up-to-date on the condition of your crop as it progresses, informing you of the presence of  insects, weeds, disease, plant health, soil moisture, etc. We can use this information to advise you on the specific actions you can take to protect your crop. 

Crop Planning

Let us help you put a comprehensive production plan in place before the season begins, so you can save valuable time and energy during the growing season. Working extensively with one of our agronomists, you will be equipped with all of the information you need to plan for a smooth, successful year. We will help you determine all of your  inputs, time your applications, address re-occurring production issues, and start making decisions from all of that Precision Ag data you have been collecting.