Spray Hub

The Need

 A real-time documentation and notification system for pesticide use.  One that is easy to use and accessible to all parties involved your crop’s production, even across different organizations.

Benefits for the Grower

WORKER SAFETY:   Keeps everyone on your farm (and those who visit regularly) aware of Chemical Re-Entry Intervals

PRE-VERIFICATION TOOL: Allows growers to confirm critical product information (i.e. rate, # of applications, re-entry, etc.) before spraying, and easily identifies any Entry and Pre-Harvest Restrictions on your fields.

INSTANT COMMUNICATION:  No more faxes/e-mails, spray records are now instantaneously shared with your processor (and all others in your hub).

RECORD KEEPING: Easily maintain your complete application history (specific to each field), through this single entry system.  Completes your GAP H1 Report  for each field, at the press of a button.  

Multi-Crop Versions Now Available!

Ask us how your operation or organization can benefit from this customizable worker-safety and food traceability system.  Group discounts available.

Downloads for existing users

Downloading SprayHub 2018APPLE (pdf)


Downloading SprayHub 2018 ANDROID (pdf)


Spray Hub 2018 Instructions (pdf)


Accessing My Spray Records-GMail users (pdf)


Accessing My Spray Records-non gmail users (pdf)


EULA- SprayHub (pdf)


Privacy Policy (pdf)


Consent to Share Spray Records (pdf)